Messi will move to Saint-Germain and give up No. 10 .. Diab’s assertions are supported by Koeman’s fear

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman refused to answer questions about his future after suffering a disappointing 2-1 loss to Celta Vigo on Sunday evening, which means he can no longer be in a better position than third in the Spanish Football League this season. Spanish reports stated that Barcelona began negotiations with its former player Xavi Hernandez, the current Qatari Al Sadd coach, with increasing pressure on the Dutch coach after his disappointing first season at the club. “My future? This question is not mine. I will not talk about it. I have said what I think of at the press conference (before the match) and I will not repeat what I said,” Koeman said after losing to Celta. Koeman is not the only one facing uncertainty about his future in Barcelona, ​​as Lionel Messi, the club’s historic goalscorer, expires next month and has not yet announced an agreement to stay. Ashraf Bin Ayyad, a correspondent for “BN Sports” channels, said that the defeat by Celta Vigo at the end of a series of bad results threatening Koeman’s continuation with Barcelona, ​​noting that Messi left the pitch and was very disappointed. While Tariq Diab, analyst for “ben Sports” channels, confirmed what he described as exclusive news that Messi will move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, indicating that he will not wear number 10. After Messi played a match that could be his last at the Camp Nou, Koeman said he was urging the Argentine player to stay, and stressed that the club might not bear the loss of a player like him. “I hope this is not Messi’s last game at Camp Nou. He is still the best player in the world and he showed again today that it is impossible to play without him,” he added. Indirectly, the Barcelona coach’s statements confirm what Diab said about the possibility of the Blaugrana captain’s departure. “He scored 30 goals (in the league this season), and he gave us a lot of points over many years. We want it to continue, but he is the one who answers this question. But if he is not in the club, who will score the goals for us?”

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