In the video, “Egypt’s crocodile” is preparing for a record in the “English Channel”

At the age of five, the master of the Baroque defied everyone, jumping in the water without fear, hitting his hands right and left in front of the eyes of his father, a naval officer, who saw in him the nucleus of an Egyptian swimmer with special abilities, who would raise the flag of Egypt and achieve records. Years passed and the youngster became more and more glamorous until he joined the Military Sports School in Ismailia. He started swimming professionally and drew the attention of his coaches, who pointed out his genius and his ability to represent Egypt in many international forums.

Recently, the Baroque, nicknamed “The Crocodile of Egypt”, finished his last rehearsal in one of the lakes of the Suez Canal, before a trip to England to achieve a new record set in the name of Egypt, which is crossing the English Channel with fins, from England to France. The Egyptian swimmer said in his interview with Sky News Arabia: “The world record for crossing the Channel with fins has not happened before any swimmer in the world before, so I decided to be registered in my name and the name of Egypt, and I achieved a 33 km swim with fins. The dream is the dream of all Egyptians and parents And the heroes who wish the whole world would talk about us.” And “Egypt’s crocodile” continued: “I achieved 35 km swimming in the Nile River, which is one of the strongest currents in the world, due to the weight of the water and the silt in the water, starting from Al-Ahly Club to Al-Warraq Island, back and forth with and against the current.” The last baroque rehearsal in which he was able to swim for two hours, covering a distance of 13 km against the current, starting from Al Shiraa Club in Ismailia to the Unknown Soldier area back and forth. perfect readiness Regarding the difficulties that he will face in the English Channel, Al-Baruki explained in his interview with Sky News Arabia: “I prepared strongly and perfectly with Captain Gharib Attia, and I swam against the current and in the high waves. I swam in Alexandria in the sea for a distance of 18 km, from Bahri to Miami, We prepared well for any difficulties and, God willing, we will raise the Egyptian flag high.” Swimming with fins is a baroque specialty Swimming with fins is a baroque specialty The international star, “Van Dam”, had published a video in which he supported the Baroque to break the Guinness Book of Records in crossing the Channel, wishing him success, describing him as very brave, and that he can achieve anything. “Timsah Misr” confirmed: “Among the trainers who work with me and set up a training program for me is the former world swimmer Khaled Shalaby, who is considered the first swimmer in the world to cross the Channel in 1983 with one arm in a period of 16 hours and 20 minutes of continuous swimming, which is a very rare case. No one in history has ever been able to do it.” Al-Baruki thanked Lieutenant-General Osama Rabie, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, for his constant support to the Egyptian heroes, and his assistance in the last important rehearsal before traveling, and for Sameh El-Shazly, President of the Egyptian Diving and Rescue Federation, who bore all travel costs to achieve the global achievement. special flexibility And the Egyptian swimmer, who is preparing to cross the English Channel at the end of this month, added: “Swimming fins needs special flexibility for the swimmer in the middle, thighs and feet, so I train on a daily basis to reach a stage of efficiency and strength that enables me to achieve my dream, and I hope to honor my country and make the whole world talk about Achievement achieved by an Egyptian. The “Egyptian crocodile” was able to be the first Arab and African to enter the Guinness Book of Records after achieving two records in the “dolphin jump” category during his trip to Italy and China in 2011. The Baroque coach is supervised by the international swimmer Gharib Attia, who won the world championship in freestyle swimming before, who has accompanied him since he was seventeen years old, and sees him as “his role model and ideal, and he is credited with what he has achieved in fin swimming.” miraculous attempt Attia told Sky News Arabia: “Al-Baruki has a strength of determination and determination that I have not seen before. God willing, the Channel will express its worth and honor and will honor Egypt. This event is not simple, crossing the Channel is a miraculous attempt because it falls under the influence of a number of air currents that surprise the swimmer and come From where he doesn’t know, besides the temperatures that drop suddenly.” The international swimmer explained to the masters that: “Omar Syed is currently 36 years old, and a swimmer at this age and performs in mono, which is not easy. I have been working with Syed for many years and I have presented him with many options, all of which lead to what is required and he has to choose the appropriate choice for his mood.” The winner of the world championship in free swimming indicated that: “I started with Sayed Al-Barouki since he was sixteen years old when I was training the military schools and he asked me to enter the Egyptian national team, and then I asked him whether he would bear the exercises and hardship, and then he was able to endure and joined the team after nearly 7 years. months, began the journey and traveled with Italy.” Conqueror of the greats Attia confirmed in his interview with Sky News Arabia: “A master met in Italy with one of the clubs there, and within months he achieved the required number and became the best swimmer there and conquered the great swimming there, to the extent that a documentary film was made about him, and fins and swimsuits were sent specifically to him from there in honor of for him”. And about the idea of ​​crossing the Channel, the international swimmer noted to the teachers that: “The idea started a while ago and I explained to him that it has many accounts and considerations that we must put towards our eyes, and during the past exercises we were able to train on everything, and we could not achieve it last year due to the conditions of Corona and travel, and soon the flag of Egypt will be Raised a record high.”

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