8 countries to participate in the International Paragliding Championship in The Celine Region

Amid the large participation of countries, led by the organizing country of the championship, along with Germany, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, Libya, Palestine and Morocco, the first Qatar International Open paragliding championship kicks off today at 4 p.m., amid attention to the importance of the event, in order to come out large given the tournament in the best possible form, especially since it receives great attention as it receives great attention as it receives great attention as the version is the amid a general invitation for the masses to watch and follow the event for kabir, and come as part of preparations and preparations for the World Paragliding Championship « Sismed” which is hosted by Doha in November 15-30. Our team benefited from its closed camp to reach full readiness to fight the ducks, whether local or international.

Since there are large fans keen to follow those major world sports) in order to come out the championship in the best possible way, especially that it receives great attention being the first version, and will be special arrangements for the public in terms of distance and entry according to the health, where this game attracts many lovers of adventure accompanied by passion and passion and completed our national team preparations after finishing a training camp for this tournament in Portugal in preparation and other international ducks, to be at the full est and appear in the usual form and win the centers Advanced for the care and attention enjoyed by the sport of skydiving, and will be available to the fans to follow the event and watch the championship on the ground, while the championship will be held daily throughout the event from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the days of the competitions until the 8th of January,

 The awards ceremony will be held on the 9th day of the Joint Special Forces Building, where Doha aims to offer a unique version of the tournament that can enhance confidence and cohesion among participants and develop and strengthen cultures at the international level. In accordance with the international law of the parachute jumping competitions in accordance with the International Federation of Air Sports »FAI » and the regulations of the Parachute Jumping Committee »CISM,» Each country has the right to participate only one team in each competition, and is allowed to play to participate in more than one competition and will be the closing ceremony and the exchange of gifts on the 9th of this month.

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