A historic achievement for Egypt’s Golden Girl. Crowning of an international championship

Egyptian tennis player Mayar Sharif has achieved a historic milestone by crowning the Charleston International Tennis Championships in the United States on Sunday.

Sharif, nicknamed “Egypt’s Golden Girl”, beat Poland’s Katarzyna Kawa, ranked 130th in the world, in the final of the tournament with a 6-2, 6-3 record, egypt’s Day 7 website reported.

Chris Evert of the United States is the most capped title in Charleston eight times, with Steffi Graf winning four titles and Serena Williams with three. The 24-year-old Egyptian tennis champion advanced nine places in the world rankings to 163rd after qualifying for the main round at Roland Garros, a Grand Slam.

She secured her qualification for the Tokyo Olympics, becoming the first Egyptian woman to achieve this feat as well.

To celebrate her victory in Charleston, Sharif posted a post on her official Facebook page saying, “I am proud to be Egyptian, and I dedicate this victory to Egypt and to all Egyptians.”

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