A historical snapshot … a referee stops a match in the English Premier League for “Iftar”

A Sky Sports journalist confirmed that the Premier League witnessed a historic event a few days ago, which was to stop playing for a few seconds, so that players could break their fast during Ramadan.
According to Rob Dorset, the Leicester City and Crystal Palace match on Monday was paused for a few seconds, in the 34th minute, so that Leicester City defender, Frenchman Weasley Fofana, and Crystal Palace defender, Senegalese Sheikho Kouiati, could have breakfast.

And so that the players can breakfast.
Leicester City coach Brendan Rogers had taken out Fofana in the 60th minute, in a previous meeting against West Brom, so that he could breakfast, after he fought an hour without water or food before it.

According to the team coach, Fofana fasts a long day in England, so breakfast comes minutes before the start of the match, which forces him to breakfast by eating something very light, before returning and eating a full meal after the match.
“Our Fofana grows stronger in training and matches during Ramadan,” Rogers said. “Fasting increases his strength during this period.”

Rogers pledged to “protect” Fofana during Ramadan, by giving him adequate rest.

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