A new clause in Messi’s contract to play with “Team Beckham”

In the midst of the ambiguity of Lionel Messi’s position with Barcelona, ​​one of the owners of an American club revealed that the Argentine star will conclude his career there, announcing the details of a “special” contract that is being worked on hard. And one of the owners of Inter Miami confirmed, on Wednesday, that Messi will wear the new American team shirt, based on part of a special clause between him and his club Barcelona, ​​in the new contract that is expected to be announced within days. “I am optimistic that Messi will one day wear the Miami shirt, because he will complete the legacy of the best player of our generation and match the ambition of the owners of Inter Miami to build a world-class team,” the newspaper “Miami Herald” quoted Jorge Mas as saying. He confirmed that he and the former English star, co-owner of the club, David Beckham, “worked hard” on this file. According to the same newspaper, Maas and Beckham had “serious discussions” with Messi about this project, which will be included in the Argentine’s new contract with Barcelona. According to Spanish media, Messi’s new contract will link him for two more seasons with Barcelona until the end of the league in the 2022-2023 season, then spend two seasons in Miami before returning to Catalonia for six years to become a “global ambassador” for Barcelona. Messi’s current contract with the Catalan club expires at the end of June, which has reinforced hypotheses and rumors about the future of the 33-year-old. The Argentine, who won the Golden Ball award six times, said last December that he hopes to play in the American League one day. “I have always dreamed of being able to live and enjoy in the United States, and experience their football league,” he told Sixta.

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