A top scorer in the German league with a false identity, and his team is in solidarity with him.. What is the reason?

Stuttgart, the German football club, revealed that its Congolese striker Silas Wamangituka, who scored 11 goals in the “Bundesliga” last season, was playing under a false identity after a fraud by his former agent. The information indicates that the real name of Silas, who played in the Belgian league and later defended the colors of the “Paris FC” team in the French second division, is Silas Katumba Mfumba, born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in October 1998, not in 1999, as his forged papers show. . Stuttgart stressed that “the reasons for (manipulation) are not related to issues of residence rights,” stressing at the same time that he stands by his player, who has turned into a “victim of a conspiracy.” In its statement, the German club indicated that the 22-year-old former agent of his young wing put him under actual supervision, confiscated his identification papers and embezzled his money, knowing that the goal of forging papers was poured into the box of preventing him from making contacts with his native country, Congo, and making him vulnerable to extortion. Stuttgart has entered into talks with the German Football Association with the aim of finding a solution to the issue, knowing that this issue will not overshadow Silas’ participation with his team. Silas, who joined Stuttgart in 2019, decided on his own to admit the truth, and spoke about what he had gone through, saying, “In recent years I have lived in constant suffering, and I was very worried about my family in the Congo,” explaining during the disclosure of the fraud, “The announcement of my story was A difficult step for me.” The market value of striker Silas rose after his brilliance in German stadiums, and it is estimated at about 25 million euros, which makes him, according to expectations, the most expensive player in the club.

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