A Tunisian hit his colleague in the face with a tennis racket

Tunisian player Sikander Mansouri accidentally hit his Ecuadorian teammate Diego Hidalgo’s face during a match for the doubles in the “Challenger” tennis tournament, in Salinas, California, USA.
Mansouri and Hidalgo managed, despite the incident in the second group, to continue the match and beat the Argentine doubles, consisting of Camilo Hugo Carabelli and Agustin Velotti, in two groups without a response by (6-1) and (6-4) in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

However, the duo Skander Mansouri and Diego Hidalgo were eliminated from the semi-finals, at the hands of the doubles consisting of the Colombian duo Nicolas Barienttos and the Peruvian Sergio Gallos in two groups without a response, with a score: (3-6) and (2-6)

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