A young Algerian swimming during training

On Sunday, the Algerian Ministry of Youth and Sports mourned the young swimmer, Haboub Manal, who died at the age of 17, after suffering a heart attack. And the Algerian Ministry of Youth and Sports said in a post on its official account on “Twitter”: “With hearts satisfied with God’s decree and destiny, we received news of the death, pills of Manal, swimming for the national team and the Al-Ittihad Al-Adima, and with this great injury, all the tires and employees of the Ministry of Youth and Sports present to the family of the late and the sports family. My sincere condolences, hoping that God will accept her well, and inspire her family patience and solace. The Union of the Capital Club also mourned the young swimming in a post on “Twitter”, in which it said: “With humbled hearts satisfied with the judgment and destiny of God, we received this evening the news of the death of the late, God willing, the swimming of the national team and the Union of the Capital team # Habub_ # Manal at the age of 17.” The Algerian newspaper “An-Nahar” reported that swimming pills were preparing to pass the end of secondary education exam, and that her death took place during a training session.

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