Abraham: My understanding of plans has improved because of Mourinho

Tammy Abraham said he made the decision to leave Chelsea and join Roma after a conversation with Serie A coach Jose Mourinho, and that working with the Portuguese had already developed his tactical awareness. Abraham, a Chelsea academy graduate, left the Premier League club in August to join Roma on a five-year contract for 40 million euros, scoring four goals in 10 games in all competitions. The 24-year-old said he was tempted to stay in the Premier League but changed his mind after hearing Mourinho’s plans for the team. “José had a goal,” Abraham told the Times in an interview. “I could see where he wanted Roma to go and I wanted to be part of that process. He’s a good guy and he’s helped me a lot so far. I’ve learned a lot tactically as much as I have in my whole life.” “. And thanks to Abraham’s brilliance with Roma, the striker was invited to join the England squad for the Andorra and Hungary matches in the World Cup qualifiers.

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