Abu Dhabi team continues preparations for the Formula 2 World Cup

The Abu Dhabi Powerboat Team continues its preparations to participate in the Formula 2 World Championship, which will start in the Lithuanian city of Kobieski on Sunday and continue until July 6th. The mission is headed by Salem Al Rumaithi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Marine Club, and the team includes contestants Rashid Al Qamzi, Mansour Al Mansouri, Radio Man Nasser Al Dhaheri and reserve rider Rashid Al Rumaithi. The team’s boats underwent intensive training a few days ago in the Italian camp, which lasted 3 days, in preparation for the start of the first round of the championship, during which 30 boats from different parts of the European continent are expected to participate, while the Abu Dhabi team will be the only participant from outside the continent. The Abu Dhabi team managed to win the championship twice during its participation from 2016 to 2020, through the brilliant contestant Rashid Al Qamzi. The team begins its participation in the championship through official preparation and preparation and the technical examination ceremonies that start on Sunday, then the start of the best time race on Monday and conclude with the main race on July 6th. The Formula 2 World Championship season begins with Lithuania, then begins for the next rounds in September through Italy, to the final two rounds in Portugal. It is expected that the coming days will witness the unveiling of a fifth round across the European map of the competition. Salem Al Rumaithi confirmed the team’s readiness to challenge and compete for the title of the opening round of the championship, noting that the team is preparing to present a strong level in the next three days and represent the UAE well throughout the rounds of the world championship.

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