After the “Gijon plot” against Algeria… Austria is rid of the curse of 39 years

Algeria did not sleep on the night of June 25, 1982 due to the bitterness of exiting the World Cup, despite achieving two group wins out of 3 matches, due to what was described at the time as “collusion” between Austria and West Germany. Algeria defeated Germany in a resounding surprise in the first round of the group, which also included Austria and Chile, but that was not enough to pass through the group stage. Austria defeated Algeria in the second round, while Germany beat Chile, and in the last round the machines were strongly threatened by an early exit had it not been for what happened. Gijon scandal The match between Germany and Austria in the World Cup in Spain became famous in the European press, due to the suspicion of conspiracy and complicity between the two teams to advance together to the next round. Germany had won only two points from the victory over Chile, compared to 4 points for Austria and two points for Algeria, to win the latter against Chile in the last round and rise to the fourth point. Expectations were that Austria would win the match, but it was defeated by a clean goal in a match during which it did not want to win and create chances, so Algeria bid farewell to the competition and Germany qualified. years Austria faced something like a curse, which lasted for 39 years. Since June 1982, it has not known the taste of qualifying from the group stage at all in any major tournament, whether in the World Cup or the European Championship. And the year 2021 came to break the curse on the Austrian team by qualifying for the final price of Euro 2020, after beating Ukraine at the end of the third group to cross as runner-up behind the Dutch team. Unfortunately for Austria, it will face one of the strongest candidates to win the title, as it collides with the Italian team led by coach Roberto Mancini, so that the chances of its exit are more than its continuation in the competition. Austria is participating in the European Championship for the third time, after 2008 when it was one of the host countries and 2016, on both occasions, it was eliminated from the group stage. The best Austrian achievement at the level of the World Cup was the third place in the 1954 edition in Switzerland.

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