After the surprises of Euro 2020 .. stories of the sudden exit of the “star teams”

With reaching the quarter-finals of “Euro 2020”, the European Championship succeeded in beating the expectations of fans and sports critics to the wall, after a number of major teams exited in unexpected scenarios, but these surprises remain the best for the fans who love the game. The final price of Euro 2020, witnessed the farewell of a number of major teams to the tournament, namely; World champion France, European champion Portugal, Germany, and the Netherlands. The start was with a resounding surprise, when the Dutch team exited at the hands of its Czech counterpart, with a score of two goals to nothing. In a meeting that brought together the golden generation of Belgium and the Portuguese national team led by the legendary striker Cristiano Ronaldo, some saw that the defending champion Portugal was the closest to the rise, but the Belgian team succeeded in kidnapping the promotion ticket, after beating the European champions with a clean goal. But the biggest surprise in the tournament was the rise of the Swiss team at the expense of the world champion France, in a dramatic meeting, which witnessed six goals during its original time, during which the “lucky strikes” smiled at the Swiss. The last surprise was the rise of the English national team at the expense of its German counterpart, with a score of two goals to nothing, and expectations were in favor of the German machines, especially since the “Three Lions” team could not win during the “Euro” playoffs since the 1996 edition, that is, nearly 25 years. . In addition, England has not defeated Germany in the playoffs of any major tournament since 1966, so that the English victory is a break from the “German knot”. But these surprises are not new to the world of football, and these are the most prominent scenarios for the “sudden exit” of the major teams in continental and international tournaments. France and Euro 2004 After the French national team won the Euro 2000 title, it booked its place among the most prominent candidates to achieve the Euro 2004 championship. Indeed, the “rooster” team topped its group that includes teams; England, Switzerland and Croatia, with 7 points. France advanced to the quarter-finals, to meet the Greek team, and the expectations of the public indicated a landslide victory for the “Euro 2000” champion, the French team. But the Greek team managed to achieve a big surprise, after it managed to beat France with a goal to nothing, to bid farewell to Zidane’s friends in the tournament early. Greece succeeded in achieving the title, after defeating the Portuguese national team and the public with a clean goal in the final match in the tournament. Holland and Euro 2008 In the quarter-finals of Euro 2008, the Dutch team was preparing to face its Russian counterpart, and the winner of this meeting would face the winner of the Spain-Italy match, which was an early final in that edition of the tournament. The fans had expected that the Dutch team would reserve a seat in the semi-finals, but Russia won by three goals against a goal, in a dramatic match, which saw resorting to extra games, after the original time ended with the two teams tied for the same. Russia suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of the Spanish team, in the semi-finals, by three goals, to enable Spain to win the European title after defeating Germany in the final match. World Cup knot Spain won the 2010 World Cup after defeating the Netherlands in the final with Iniesta’s famous goal in the last minutes of the match, which ended with a score of 1-0. In 2012, Spain won the “Euro” title at the expense of the Italian team after a landslide victory for the Spaniards with a clean four, to make the Spanish team the world and European champions. With these great achievements, the fans expected Spain to reach as far as possible in the 2014 World Cup, but what happened was a surprise to everyone, after the exit of “Matador” from the group stage. The Spanish national team ranked third in its group that includes the Netherlands, Chile and Australia, with only three points. The same scenario was repeated with Germany, after the “German Machines” team succeeded in achieving the 2014 World Cup title at the expense of Argentina, and bid farewell to the 2018 World Cup early, after bottoming its group with only three points, as it succeeded in achieving a single victory at the expense of the Swedish team, and received Two surprising defeats at the hands of the Mexican national team and its South Korean counterpart.

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