Ahmed Bougara Al-Wafi

The Algerian hero who awarded France the first gold medal in the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928,

Ahmed Bougara El Ouafi, an Algerian hero, was born in the city of Awladjellal, which belongs to the new state.

He mentioned that he was helping his father in the market to sell dates for which the city is famous and it is rumored that his mother ordered him to go to a place far from the city about 50 km, so he went to him and returned (running) in a short period of time, and this raised eyebrows and his father, and everyone who heard the story in the city.

French colonization was forcibly recruiting all the Algerian youth in the wars of France, especially in the two world wars. Al-Wafi did not resonate with al-Qaeda and participated with France in the First World War. He specializes in marathons (30 km), where he succeeded in defeating the then French champion “Jean-Baptiste Manhas.

Ahmed Bougherra Al-Wafi participated in the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris, and he advanced in the race.

After 4 years, the son of the city of Awladjal, who has the number 71, managed to make his way to success and earn gold in the marathon at the Dutch Olympiad, on the evening of August 5, 1928, and the most optimistic French was not betting on crowning Al-Wafi at the age of 29 to become the first Algerian, Arab and African He wins the gold medal in the modern Olympic Games, knowing that the official France at that time presented Al-Wafi as a native (Andijan) in reference to the ugly French legal classification, which practiced injustice and discrimination against the Algerians during the occupation.

And Al-Wafi was then working for the famous French company Renault,

He immigrated to America after accepting an American mediator offer there, but he did not succeed there, which prompted the French Athletics Federation to exclude Al-Wafi.

Ibn Awlad Jalal spent the rest of his life in extreme poverty, after Al-Wafi was deserted by French sports officials, and Al-Wafi died in an armed confrontation on the outskirts of Saint-Denis on the night of October 18, 1959 at the age of 61.

And Olivia Laurent asked many questions about all this ingratitude that official France continues to practice with Ahmed Bougherra Al-Wafi, even if the latter remains one of the makers of the Olympic Memory.

Houcine Brikli 

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