Al-Annabi National Handball Team

Qualified for the main round of the World Cup by beating the Japanese team with a score of 31/29 and raising this victory the balance of points our team to 4 points at the top of group 3, in the second round of the third group of the world handball championship currently in progress and extended until the end of this month, to qualify officially to the front of Croatia the main role, and waiting for a confrontation. Our team provided a strong performance in front of the Japanese team, where the opponent had progressed in the first of his attacks in the meeting, and our team responded with a goal through Frankis, then continued not to be strong 6, then our team continued its strong defensive performance and appeared the experience of support at the right time, where the defense and goalkeeper dealt very professionally at the crucial time of the meeting, so our team was able to regain the end of the meeting, to reap support a deserved victory to the main role of the championship.progress through Mahmoud Zaki, then we kept progress but we reached two goals at

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