Al-Attiyah in Morocco to participate in the Desert Rally

Qatari champion Nasser Al-Attiyah will participate in the twenty-first edition of the Moroccan Desert Rally, the fourth round of the World Cup for Cross Country Rally 2021, when he competes in the exhibition stage of the rally held in Fez until the thirteenth of this October. Our hero Al-Attiyah seeks to achieve the title, accompanied by his French navigator, Mathieu Baumel, in a Toyota Hilux, as he leads the participants in the rally, which also includes Saudi Yazid Al-Rajhi, French Mathieu Serraduri and Poland’s Jakob Przygonski, along with Souad Moktdri, the Moroccan and Arab rally driver. Also participating in the rally are Russian Denis Krutov, Argentine Lucio Alvarez, Swede Matias Ekström and Spaniard Carlos Sainz. Al-Attiyah is looking for the title of the Moroccan Rally for the sixth time in its history, as he has great experience in the Moroccan deserts, in order to snatch the lead in the general standings of the World Championship for Long Desert Rally. Al-Attiyah is second in the world championship standings with 29 points, only half a point behind the Russian leader Krutov, while Argentine Alvarez and Swede Ekström are third and fourth, respectively, each with 27 points, while Spaniard Sainz completed the list of the top five with 22 points. The Moroccan Saharan Rally will start with a timed 10km stage to determine the pole positions, and five special timed stages, with the competition ending on the thirteenth of the same month.

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