Al-Sharshani wins the world championship runner-up

More than a wonderful start scored by the Qatari world champion Walid Mahmoud Al-Sharshani, the star of the Qatar team, in the competitions of the World Aquabike Championships (the second round), which will be held on the shores of the American city of Lake Havasu, with the participation of a group of the most prominent competitors from around the world, after he succeeded in occupying the second place After the end of the first day of competitions for the professional category “the strongest categories of the tournament”. Al-Sharshani succeeded in occupying this position with the total of the two opening stages, as he finished third in the first stage, and then continued his brilliance to come second in the second stage. These outstanding results recorded by Al-Adaam team raised the ambitions of the Qatari delegation participating in the World Water Biking World Cup, not only in order to compete for the podiums after the final race this evening, but also to compete for the first place precisely because Al-Sharshny really deserves it, in sympathy with The levels he showed on the first day as well as his great preparations for this tournament. As for the details of the race, which was held yesterday in two stages, it was a party of club and excitement from its beginning to its end, as was expected, and our world champion faced fierce competitions from the champions of Japan, Kuwait, Belgium, Indonesia, Australia, Korea, Denmark, France, Thailand, the Philippines and Canada participating in this championship, to succeed in snatching third place during the stage The first, and with the start of the second stage, the desire of our world champion to improve his position in the general ranking became clear, as he succeeded in winning second place behind the Kuwaiti champion Muhammad Burbei, leaving the third place for the Belgian champion Jorge Casa, then came the Danish Markus Jorgensen in fourth place, and the Japanese John Ikuma in the center Fifth. There was a state of satisfaction for all members of the Qatari mission in Thailand after the outstanding results achieved by Al-Sharshani, because such results are the best culmination of the wonderful efforts made by all team members from the technical and administrative teams throughout the period preceding the launch of this exciting World Cup, especially that Al-Sharshani’s success Another success, no less important, was preceded by Khaled Al Mohannadi’s lead in the world championship in the junior category. Our young hero Khaled Al-Mohannadi, two days ago, maintained his position at the top of the overall standings of the World Aquabike Championships, after he finished fourth in the second round, as he presented outstanding levels in the junior category amid strong struggles and fierce competitions from the world champions, crowned by our young champion by gaining 126 new points that he added. To his previous score, where he had 113 points in his score, thus raising his score to 239 points currently, to confirm his uniqueness at the top of the general standings, in light of the absence of his most prominent followers on the lead in this round, led by the Belgian Clairhout Tom, who was sharing the lead with Al-Mohannadi with 113 points. After the first round, but he did not participate in the second round, and therefore he was not able to add any new points to his balance, and in his first reaction after the end of the second stage competitions, Omar Al-Humaid, manager of the support team in the tournament, confirmed that he is very happy with this good result achieved by our world champion because it I completed the successes started by Khaled Al Mohannadi and said that the race was exciting and enthusiastic from its beginning to its end because it includes a selection of the best competitors in the world

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