Algeria defeats Tunisia and breaks an African record

The Algerian national football team defeated its Tunisian counterpart, 2-0, in a friendly match that brought them together at Hamadi Al-Aqrabi Stadium, in the Tunisian capital. In an enthusiastic and exciting meeting, the Greens managed to break an African record in the number of consecutive matches without defeat. The “Warriors” were the best since the first minutes of the match, as Mahrez, Feghouli and Belaili succeeded in confusing the cohesion of the Tunisian defense, which relied on its goalkeeper, Moez Hassan, in order to block the first balls of the guests. The Tunisian defense could not hold out for more than 18 minutes, which was enough for Bounedjah to open the score after a wonderful shot from inside the penalty area, then Riyad Mahrez succeeded in doubling the result from a direct violation in the 27th minute, ending the first half with a 2-0 lead of the “Khidr”. During the second half, the level of the Carthage Eagles improved with the entry of Hamza Rafi, player of Juventus, as well as Ali Maaloul. The Tunisian team almost reduced the difference through Al-Saliti or Rafia, but goalkeeper Mbolhi was ready to prevent the Tunisians from scoring, but without effectiveness. For his part, the Algerian team approached the addition of a third goal on many occasions, thanks to Mahrez or Al-Balayli, but the Tunisian defense was steadfast, and the Algerian team ended the match with a player missing after Kedoura was expelled at the end of the second half. Although the series of positive results for the Carthage Eagles stopped after 12 consecutive matches without defeat, the Algerian team continued its positive results, as it did not know defeat in the last 27 matches, surpassing the number of the Ivory Coast team, and competing with the Italian team to equalize the number of the Spanish team, which did not lose in 35 consecutive match.

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