Among them Egypt .. This is the most expensive “teams in the Tokyo Olympics

A few days after the start of the Tokyo Olympics, scheduled for its residence from July 23rd, amidst a state of anticipation and concern about the football audience before the world sports event.

Sky News is monitored by “the most expensive” 10 teams involved in the next Olympic cycle, according to the marketing value of those teams, provided by the Transfier Market site specialized in football.

1) Spain

With a marketing value of £ 546 million, the Spanish team is as large as other than other teams, possessing the most expensive player in the tournament, Bidrey Gonzalez, which is worth selling 80 million pounds.

Larkha is the strongest candidate for the gold medal, with 6 players within his list, participating with Spain in the last euro championships mainly such as: Danny Olmo, Anday Simon and Pao Torres.

2) Brazil

In second place, the team of “Samba” is a marketing value of £ 345 million, which aspires to maintain the gold medal for the second consecutive time.

It is the highlights of the Brazilian teams participating in the Tokyo Olympics: Martinelli, Arsenal, and Iverton striker and Douglas Louise, Aston Villa, and the most culminating player in history, Danny Alvish.

3) Germany

After the loss in the final at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics, the German team hopes to achieve gold during the Tokyo Olympics, with a strong team of 68 million pounds.

It is noteworthy that the “machinery” has succeeded in achieving the Europe Cup recently title for young people, increasing its hopes in achieving Olympic medal.

4) Argentina

With a marketing value of £ 125 million, the Argentine team comes at the fourth place. The Tango dancer hopes to continue their continuous and global brilliance after winning “Cuba America” ​​during the past few days.

One of the most prominent Argentina’s players participating in the Tokyo Olympics: Tiago Almada, Ischel Baro, and Fakondo Medana.

5) France

The Duke is at the fifth place, with a marketing value of an £ 120 million, which has a number of promising young players, as well as a number of expertise elements such as Florian Taoufin, and Pierre Genisiak Players Tigner Oonal.

6) Ivory Coast

With a marketing value of £ 115 million, Côte d’Ivoire is sixth on the list, which resulted in the lottery with the teams: Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Germany with the same group.

The African team includes a number of stars, headed by: Eric Bailey, Frank Casey, Emad Diallo, and Christian Kawami.

7) Mexico

The Mexican team comes at that list, with an £ 94 million, Diego Lines, the most prominent player in the list of Mexico, and the Olympics may be an opportunity to move to one of the clubs at the old continent.

Linz plays in the Spanish Real Betis Club and was included in the 2017 Guardian list for the best 60 young talents in global football.

8) Japan

In eighth, Japan’s ownership comes with a marketing value of £ 77 million, and the Japanese team will suffer from the absence of the masses after the International Olympic Committee confirmed the upcoming Olympics without an audience.

The Japanese team, the current Real Madrid player, Takifosa Kubu, who holds a large hopes of the team, will be one of the stars in the coming seasons, after the great performance made with Getafe and Villarreal, who played for loan during the recent period.

9) South Korea

With a marketing value of £ 31m, the South Korean team comes in the ninth place, which succeeded during the last Olympic session to reach fifth.

The Asian players hope that the Tokyo Olympics will serve as their transition portal to European clubs.

Lee Kang Inn, Valencia player, is the most prominent element in the Southern Korean list. Some see the successor of the Spanish field David Silva in the stadiums.

10) Egypt

In the 10th place, the only Arab representative comes with this list, the Egyptian team, with a marketing value of 18 million pounds.

Egyptians hope to achieve the first Olympic medal at the level of football competitions, with access to the fourth place is the most prominent achievement of the Persons on their conference with Olympics.

The Pharaohs is located in the third group, which includes the teams: Spain, Argentina, and Australia and was described as “death group”.

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