An Egyptian champion qualifies for the quarter-finals of the rowing competition at the Tokyo Olympics

The Egyptian Abdel Khaleq Al-Banna qualified for the quarter-finals of the men’s individual rowing competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which officially kicks off on Friday, after a year of delay due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

Al-Banna, the African champion, came third with a time of 7:03.44 minutes, behind the second Japanese Arakawa Ryota (7:02.79) and the German who grabbed the first place (7:00.40).

On the other hand, Kuwaiti Abdul Rahman Al-Fadl and Iraqi Muhammed Al-Khafaji were unable to qualify, as they came fifth and sixth, respectively, with a time of 8:49.03 minutes and 8:57.01 minutes.

Likewise, the Libyan Hussein Ghambour, who finished fifth and last in his race, recorded 7:52.37 minutes, and the Saudi Hussein Ali Reda was fifth in his group as well, with a record of 7:54.18 minutes.

They are waiting for a play-off race on Saturday, to decide whether or not they qualify, AFP reported.

In the women’s competitions, Qatari Tala Abu Jbara (28 years) failed to reach the quarter-finals in the women’s singles, coming in fifth with a time of 8:06:29 minutes.

Thus, she is waiting for the play-off on Saturday to be able to cross, similar to Moroccan Sarah Frankart, who was unable to qualify when she finished fifth with a time of 8:32.78 minutes, and Sudanese Esraa Khojaly is sixth in her group with a record of 10:18.27 minutes.

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