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The Arab sports media has known, through multiple stations, a qualitative shift, either on the part of raw media material, or on the part of the emergence of journalists specialized in the same field by the birth of specialized TV channels, which received wide follow-up by the thirsty and passionate sports audience in general and for football in particular.
To talk more about this issue, we contacted the journalist Issam Essa, a journalist for the Algerian Port TV channel, and we had this conversation with him:

Takatuf Sport Magazine: Issam Issa, a journalist. Thank you for accepting the magazine’s invitation to conduct this dialogue.
The journalist Issam Essa: First of all, I thank you for this hosting and I congratulate you for this new media. I wish you success in this field.
Takatuf Sport Magazine: In your opinion, what are the factors that contributed and still contribute to developing the field of Arab sports media?
The journalist Issam Essa: There is no doubt that the Arab sports media has become an integral part of sport in general, and the media in particular, as it is an area concerned with the sports side in conveying the details of Arab and international sporting events, as it has always been strongly present in covering the World Cup and the African Nations Cup and The Olympics, of course, in various European leagues, and the emergence of Arab channels in the last two decades allowed sports media to be present in the largest continental international forums and the broad Arab audience became familiar with all small and large with professionalism and credibility, and these channels allowed Arab sports media to enter in fierce competition For the sake of winning the transfer of the most prominent European and Gulf Maghreb and Maghreb countries.
Takatuf Sport Magazine: In your opinion, has Arab sports media succeeded in achieving its goals?
The journalist Issam Essa: Certainly, some of the goals were achieved and others are on the way to achieving it. We have followed the most prominent major leagues and we enjoy following the details of the World Cup with analysis and direct detail at the highest level. Perhaps the Abu Dhabi channel, the Qatar Cup, between Sport and other Arab channels and The other Gulf region, which excelled in transmitting the major European meetings, with high quality and accurate details, for the best evidence that the Arab media is on the right path and there is no room for retreat and failure.
Takatuf Sport Magazine: Since you have a long track record in the media field, can you talk to us about the obstacles that are limiting the positive role of Arab sports media?
The journalist Issam Essa: There are many obstacles. In Algeria, for example, and not limited to, you know very well that the rights to transfer matches are not free, but they cost dearly money. In the sense that private channels cannot pay broadcast rights and cannot transmit details of meetings to the honorable viewer and even the journalist on the channel cannot perform His duties are easy and flexible in the stadiums, and this is because the transfer is exclusive to the National Channel, and this is normal, but the financial situation of many private channels is fluctuating and difficult, which somewhat hinders the work of the journalists ’comfort. Logistic or material, which made some Arab channels compete and keep pace with the largest and most powerful international channels, and it is no secret to everyone that the media race has become the basis of distinction and success with regard to global channels, and this is only possible through the availability of advanced technological means.
Takatuf Sport Magazine: By virtue of your experience in the field, do institutes and universities play an effective role in training journalists who are able to enter work life directly?
The journalist Issam Essa: Certainly, institutes and universities have a big role in forming a successful journalist, and in Algeria, for example, we find specialized institutes in the field of sports media, similar to the Massila University Institute, which works on training journalists specialized in the field. This institute is the first institute in Algeria and it has a developed studio And very modern equipment that allows for good and qualitative training, and it attracts the interest of actors in the sector, and this is a beautiful and encouraging thing.
Takatuf Sport Magazine: If we talk about sports programs that are broadcast on various TV channels, what its role in rejecting sports fanaticism and reducing rampant violence in some Arab championships?
The journalist Issam Essa: Unfortunately, sometimes it is a cause of violence in the stadiums due to perhaps videos and statements that are broadcast and published before the meeting, which increases the charge of the supporter and his frustration, which negatively affects his psychological side and pushes him to excitement, especially after the defeat of his favorite team, in addition to That is, some programs host analysts who are not specialists and who do not have experience in the sports field, which may return negatively, instead of urging the principle of brotherhood, tolerance and high sportsmanship that you call the rules and foundations of sport exactly the opposite happens, another point that must be mentioned and It is that we are good at using social media platforms for the benefit and goodness of all, not using them by some media professionals to sow discord and to slander wrong information, insult, defame and others.
Takatuf Sport Magazine: Our talk about violence encourages us to speak to the masses, so how does the Arab sports media contribute to creating a Maghreb Arab mass base?
The journalist Issam Essa: This is what we intend to do, and this is what we aspire to, and this is what we desire, and that is to reach the formation of a large Arab mass base organized and shared according to lined goals and unified goals. Great when reaching to make them united and interconnected is a necessary and sure thing, and this is possible if efforts are combined and all the guardians are united.
Takatuf Sport Magazine: The journalist Issam Essa. The dialogue with you was interesting and valuable. Thank you very much
  By. Ahmadi Abd el ouaheb

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