Are Arabs able to achieve global results in long races and marathons?

The Maghreb countries are not only able to excel in middle distance races but are also able to achieve good results in long distance races. We saw this through the wonderful results previously obtained by Moroccans Khaled Skah, Ibrahim Boutayeb, Said Aouita, Salah Hasso, Ibrahim Boulamy and others. Without forgetting the Algerian runner Saidi Sayyaf. The first Arab to emerge on the world stage in long distances is the Tunisian legendary runner Mohamed El Ghamoudi, who was privileged to win four medals (1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze) in three Olympic Games (1964 – 1968 – 1972) in 5000 AD and 10,000 AD.

But before Al-Ghamoudi, the first Arab to win an Olympic medal was the Algerian Bougara El-Wafi (gold at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam in the marathon) and after that auspicious (gold at the 1956 Olympic Games) Helsinki in the marathon also (but these results were recorded in the name of France that occupied Algeria from 1830 to 1962.

Another Moroccan marathon runner was a silver medalist at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, behind Abibi, in the great Kiela. It is Abdul Salam Al-Radi. It was the first major Moroccan performance in a major international competition

Morocco also had one of the greatest marathon runners in history. He is the strange hero (double world champion in 2003 in Paris and 2005 in Helsinki, and a silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics)

 In terms of women, Algerian Souad Ait Salem remains the most prominent Arab name for women in long distances after winning the 2007 Rome Marathon and ninth place in the Beijing Olympics.

Long-distance races can give Arabs several titles at the level of world championships and Olympic Games if they are given the importance and capabilities required. The hostility of these specialties needs to be given social guarantees in order to focus on the very hard training “then the Maghreb can have wonderful runners in these long races if they are given the required capabilities.

Photo of Bougara El-Wafi, the first Arab Olympic champion of sports in the 1928 Olympic Games marathon.

Hamimi Hadj-Sahraoui

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