Argentina coach is not looking for revenge in Cuba America final

Two years later in front of Brazil in the Cuba American football final, Argentina is preparing to face his eternal grassland again in the 2021 final, but Lionel Scaloni coach reduced the revenge.

Brazil has exceeded 2-0 in 2019 on its way to coronating the ninth title in an argentine match because of controversial arbitration decisions against them.

Lionel Messi accused regulators of the South American Union (UNIFIC) aligned with Brazil after the tournament and was punished by suspension and fine because of his anger revolution.

But Scaloni, who led the Argentina to 19, without defeating since that confrontation, said his players did not think of the past at the final at the Maracana Stadium at Rio de Janeiro.

“I do not believe in revenge, but I believe in your work and our project,” he said.

“Surely we will come tomorrow to a result, it’s the final and play against the eternal gym and I wish a good face enjoyed by the public. The world will stop but there is no revenge.”

Before the game, many conversations revolve about Siam Argentina for the title, where he culminated last time in Cuba America in 1993 and then Brazil achieved five titles.

This fasting disturb Messi in particular after won everything with Barcelona while he did not crown up with his country.

But Scaloni stressed that not to win international medals is not a stain for Macy with an amazing self-biography.

The coach continued “won or lost remains the best player across the ages and does not need a title to prove it.

“Of course we want to win for ourselves and the masses we all spent a lot of days in a focus of non-violation of isolated environment and avoid infection.

“It’s the final and everyone knows the meaning and should not be repeated in front of the players and on the other hand we realized in the last year and a half that football eventually remains secondary.

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