Asian Cup referees

It has been decided to assign 7 Qatari referees to the task of managing arbitration in the 2020 AFC Champions League competitions, which will be held in the capital, Doha
The names of the referees are: Abd al-Rahman al-Jassim, Khamis al-Marri, and Saud al-Athba, rulers of the square, Saud Ahmad, Ramzan al-Nuaimi, Yusef al-Shammari, and Zahi al-Shammari, assistant rulers
Despite the absence of assistant referee, Talib Al-Marri, due to his work conditions and lack of full-time, the Referees Committee headed by Mr. Hani Ballan, was not affected by the absence and has 12 refereeing staff to manage matches despite the absence, and the referees will enter an internal camp in preparation for the desired event.

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