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Through its initiative, Aspire Academy launched a new program “Aspire Colleagues around the World”, the first episode of the program was broadcast on the afternoon of Monday, February 22, 2021, and the guest of the first episode was the star Leonardo Bonucci, defender of the Italian national team and Juventus Club. Speaking about the program, Professor Walter di Salvo, Director of Football Performance and Science slate at Aspire Academy, explained that the program is part of the highly acclaimed “Insight player” initiative, which will be broadcast periodically every two weeks. «The program came with the aim of allowing players to express their point of view in the game of football, and to provide a look at the methodologies of training and competition and their general experiences and feelings about the game (football).»  Player Insight is broadcast on The Sports Cup channels in Both Arabic and English, on aspire’s colleagues website, aspire academy social media platforms, and other international sports channels. Aspire World slot is a program launched by Aspire Academy in 2014 to embrace and bring together the best football stars to promote and develop knowledge in the world of football performance and science, and is based on the annual World Summit of aspire academy.

The series with high-end cannons such as Leonardo Bonucci to the strength and appeal of the program globally adds to the many successes of the Aspire Fellows program around the world over the past years. Bonucci is known as one of the best defenders in world football and was part of the Juventus team that won six consecutive Serie A titles between 2012 and 2017.

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