Barcelona determines its first departures this season

The Spanish newspaper “Sport” reported that Barcelona club president Juan Laporta began making important decisions regarding the next season, and determining the first departures from the “Camp Nou” ranks during the summer transfer market. Barcelona is trying to consolidate its ranks, and it is time to enter the “renewal process”. According to the Spanish newspaper, Sergi Roberto is the first to leave the team next summer, after the player’s level declined. The newspaper added: “Roberto is one of the (sacred cows) within the team, and the club believes that his time in Barcelona has ended, and there is only one year left from the end of his contract.” The club is looking for material benefit from the player, as he will be a free player from next summer, and he will be available to sign with other teams in January 2022. Roberto’s performance was affected by injuries, as he played only 1,198 minutes this season in all competitions, having played 3,000 minutes in the past four seasons, and the fourth captain did not give Barcelona worse numbers this season, since he was stepped up in 2014-2015.

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