Basic information you should know about “Euro 2020”

Football competitions are shrouded in mystery due to the medical situation prevailing in the world. In the face of the challenge facing the European Union for the game in order to ensure the smooth running of the European Nations Cup competition, questions remained prevalent among the fans in light of conflicting information before the start of the whistle of confrontations. Attending the fans UEFA granted freedom to the countries hosting matches to determine the number of fans who are entitled to attend the stands, but stipulated that it should not exceed 30% of the stadium’s capacity in application of the preventive protocol. Italy the lion’s share Italy defied the virus after it engulfed thousands of its citizens, when it confirmed that it would allow the largest possible presence during the confrontations that it will host, as Russia and Denmark followed in its footsteps, ensuring fun for players on the field and motivating them for an exemplary performance, and for followers on broadcasting channels. Law of Five Changes The International Football Association (FIFA) has included the five changes that were allowed to be applied in several major European leagues, providing the greatest number of options for coaches, and giving them the opportunity to rectify in case they make technical and tactical errors. health bubble The health bubble will oblige all participating teams to be very careful, as “UEFA” prevented any player infected with the Corona virus from returning to his country’s team even if he recovered, which falls within the strict protocol he announced. sexy tops The “Euro” next edition will witness matches at the summit in the group stage, the most important of which will be against Italy and Turkey, then against England and Croatia, as well as the summits of Sweden and Spain and the Germany group that includes France and Portugal. 12 capital for the first time The European Nations Cup will be held in more than one stadium, but 12 capitals will receive it for the first time, and most of them will organize 3 matches, except for Russia, which will take place on its soil 6 matches, noting that two matches from the price of the final and the semi-final and final will be held at Wembley Stadium in England.

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