Bayar insulted Johan Cruyff at a farewell party for Ajax

The Ajax fans will not forget the insult of his German opponent, Bayern Munich, during the farewell party of legend Johan Cruyff for his Dutch club.

This was in the 1970s. European football saw, in that decade, a major struggle between the two clubs at the European Cup for the Champions Clubs (currently the Champions League). Ajax was the first to win three European Cups in a row (from 1971 to 1973) under the supervision of the Romanian coach Genius Stephen Copacs, who is considered the father of modern football. Then along, the Bayern star emerged Munich, winning three consecutive European titles as well. Most of the Bayern and Ajax players met in the historical saga in the 1974 World Cup Final between Germany and the Netherlands, in which the Germans won 2-1 at their stadium. The choice of Ajax for the Bavarian club at this ceremony was a fatal mistake. Bayern does not distinguish between a formal match and a friendly match as Ajax was considered his archenemy, the same for Ajax and his fans.

This was on November 7, 1978 at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, Dutch international Ajax player Ruud Kaiser, who started the Ajax match on the left wing, told Set Pieces: “We expected the match to end 4-4 or 5-5 as a friendly.” We said before among us, “Let’s pass the ball to Johan the whole time so that he could show what he could do to the fans.”But Bayern came to the stadium like warriors; they played that match as if they were playing in the European Cup final. It was a shame and disrespect at all. “

Yes, the Germans, Johan Cruyff, the Ajax, the Ajax fans, and the norms used during the matches, did not respect the retirement ceremony for the players. Heinz Rummenigge scored 3 goals, Paul Brightner 3 goals and Gard Muller two goals to end the match with a very heavy result 8-0 that the Dutch fans never forgot and which he described as a disgrace in the history of the Bayern.

Hamimi Hadj-Sahraoui

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