Beach Services Palestine Cup Champion For Youth

The Palestinian Baseball and Softball Federation concluded the activities of the Palestine Cup for the southern provinces of the 2020/2021 sports season, with the final match between beach services and sports dignity on the hall of the Palestinian National Club in Gaza, under the auspices of the Assistant Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports.

In the presence of the members of the Union A. Mohammed Al-Karanz and A. Hussein Saqallah Wa. Nada Al-Arini, Team Manager A. Ibrahim Abu Mutair, Secretary General of the Union A. Adel Alian and Dr. Salah Tinah, Vice President of the Palestinian National Club.

The beach services were crowned the title of the championship after defeating Karama Sports 4/3.

The tournament began with the recitation of verses from the wise male and then the Palestinian national anthem with a standing and respect for the souls of the martyrs of Palestine.

After that, the member of the Federation, Mr. Mohammed Al-Karanz, gave a speech in which he thanked the two teams for their outstanding performance and the management of the Palestinian National Club for hosting the final of the championship and thanked Mr. Ismail Haniyeh for his patronship of this tournament and his interest in baseball and softball.

In turn, Dr. Salah Tinah, vice president of the Palestinian National Club, praised the level of players and praised the efforts of the Federation in activating the game, pointing out that the Palestinian Ahli Club always works to pay attention to individual and group games.

For her part, the member of the Federation, Mr. Nada Al-Arini, conveyed the greetings of the President of the Federation, Mr. Ahmed Tafash Abu Muayyad, who left the homeland on a sports mission in order to develop the game and promote it. At the end of the meeting, the members of the Federation and the Vice President of the Palestinian National Club crowned the services of the beach and distributed medals and cups to the two teams

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