Before the start of the competitions, Corona invades the Tokyo Olympics

A week before the start of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, organizers announced, on Saturday, the first case of coronavirus infection in the Olympic Village.

But officials reassured the followers about the effectiveness of the strict measures taken to limit the transmission of the “Covid 19” disease.

“There is a person in the village. This is the first case registered inside the village and it was discovered upon arrival,” said Takaya Masa, a spokesman for the organizing committee, at a press conference, without specifying whether he was an athlete or a member of the missions, according to “AFP.”

According to Japanese newspapers, it is a foreigner, without further explanation.

The Olympic Games scheduled between July 23 and August 8 of last year were postponed due to the Corona pandemic, and strict health measures were taken in Japan in order to hold the global event scheduled once every 4 years.

Toshiro Muto, general manager of the Tokyo 2020 Games, said: “This person tested positive during the village checks, we don’t know if he received the vaccine or not. In the village there will be strict measures to combat (Covid 19). Athletes will undergo daily checks, and if one of them comes back positive. He will be isolated.”

“We are sure that all efforts will be made to ensure safety in the Olympic Village. The important thing is to react quickly and make sure that all athletes are protected and safe,” the Japanese official added.

Increasing numbers of injuries are recorded in the Japanese capital, where a medical emergency has been declared since last Monday, and will continue until August 22.

The competitions will be held during the games in stadiums without an audience, while tens of thousands of participants, including athletes and officials, through to journalists coming from abroad, are subject to significant restrictions.

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