Brazilian player accused of trying to kill the referee during a match

A Brazilian player has been charged with attempting to kill a referee, after he kicked him hard in the head during a lower league soccer match in the south of the country. Sao Paulo RS player William Ribeiro attacked the referee after he was charged with a foul during an away match against Guarani. The match was stopped for 14 minutes in the second half, while referee Rodrigo Crivelaro was taken to hospital. And he left later. The officer in charge of the case said: I decided to charge the young man with attempted murder because, from my understanding of the case, he risked causing a fatal outcome. The incident occurred on the 113th anniversary of the founding of the club. The club described the incident as the most painful in its history, and decided to dismiss Ribeiro and consider taking other measures against him. The junior team plays in the second division of the Rio Grande do Sul State League. The state football federation decided to replay the match the next day and Guarani won 1-0.

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