Brazilian Ricardo Ferretti admitted: Despite my grief ….. Proud

We tried to play in our style, they were better than us and deserved to win, Ferretti said, referring to the German workers’ 1-0 victory to Benjamin Bavar. He added: “We must continue to work and develop in a lot of aspects if we want to appear at the level that we wish to reach, and the coach of Tigress Onal, said that Bayern Munich outperformed his team and deserved to win the Club World Cup in Qatar. In order to win next time and he appeared well, we tried to launch attacks against a team defending in an orderly manner, they grabbed the ball and put pressure all over the pitch, especially since the Mexican team started well but Bayern closed all the roads leading to the penalty area tightly. The coach expressed his pride in the performance of the game despite his sadness at not being crowned title.

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