Burgan vs Al-Fahihal to qualify for the Golden Box of the Crown Prince’s Cup Kuwait begins the task of defending its title against The Sahel

renewed competition for the Crown Prince’s Cup today with two matches in the quarter-finals, where the title holder Kuwait meets with The Sahel at Sabah Al-Salem Stadium in the first steps of al-Bayd to defend his title after the draw spared him playing in the preliminary round, and on the field of the youth club will be the fiercest competition between Burgan and his neighbor Al-Fahihih after they successfully passed the preliminary round.

A cautious confrontation.

Kuwait enters its match with The Sahel, which is the best technically based on the results of the classification league, but he has to be very careful after the past matches recorded unexpected results and exited the championship teams nominated for the title such as Al Nasr, Salmiya and Kazema.

The refore, the team’s coach Mohamed Abdullahi will face his opponent cautiously and will not leave his defensive zone an easy path.

White used to compete in the cup competitions and seeks to stick to his title and reconcile his fans who were surprised by his results in the league of classification and away from the competition for the lead.

White has a strong chance of winning today because of his experienced players and a good reserve.

As for the coast, he reached the current role after passing Yarmouk and his mission will undoubtedly not be easy, but he is able to win if he plays in a high spirit and determination and combat like the teams of Burgan, solidarity and al-Jahra that broke expectations and brought out victory, Salmiya and Kazema, and miss the coast player Mohamed Jamal for injury

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