Cancellation of the Under-19 Championship in the European Cup and the application of the additional switch

Uefa explained that the experience of making an additional substitution if a player suffers a concussion, which has already been applied in the Club World Cup in Qatar this month, will also be applied during the final stages of the European Under-21 Men’s and Women’s Cup, which will be held between 24 and 31 March and 31 May to 6 June in Slovenia and Hungary decided by uefa “By making these decisions, uefa’s executive committee has confirmed that under the current government restrictions, the travel of teams and the organization of mini-tournaments has proved very difficult,” Uefa said in a statement. “Although it is regrettable that youth championships cannot be held this season, the health and safety of young athletes should be a priority in the current circumstances.

Last December, the FIFA Board approved the additional switch in the event of head injuries among players.

Uefa also explained that the European Men’s and Women’s U-19 Cup in Belarus and Romania will be postponed due to the global health situation.

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