First-class football clubs in Germany achieved the third-highest revenue

The German Football Federation said that matches without fans due to the procedures against the Coronavirus contributed to a 5.7 per cent drop in revenues. In a big surprise, Germany's top-tier

Barcelona collide with Sevilla in the Copa del Rey

Athletic Bilbao face Levante in the Golden Box on Friday, the draw for the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey, at the headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation. The semi-finals are scheduled

Al Ahli’s top scorer scoring in the Club World Cup

After winning the winning goal against Dahil Hussein Al-Shahat, the fifth player to score in World Cup, he has been absent from the African champions since the 2012 edition. The victory over

Germany’s Sergey Janabri is the most expensive player in the tournament

Janabri is the most expensive player in the tournament and Bayern Munich is the richest player in the World Cup for Qatar 2020, and Janabri tops the ranking scoring more after reaching a


The Bavarian club posted a tweet that says: Our date Monday 8 2 controversial tweet for Bayern threatening Al-Ahly Egyptian, which provoked controversy and interpreted the tweet as a reference to

New Coronavirus bans Liverpool from entering Germany

He's looking to reach the quarter-finals. Leipzig are scheduled to host Liverpool on 16 February, in the first round of the Champions League, the German government refused to allow Liverpool