Qatar beach volleyball team wins bronze medal at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The Qatari men's beach volleyball team won the bronze medal in the Olympic Games currently being held in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, after beating Latvia by two sets to zero in the match for

United States women keep gold in the “basket” for the seventh time

The women of the United States won the basketball competitions at the Olympic Games for the seventh time in a row, by defeating hosts Japan 90-75 yesterday, on the final day of the Tokyo Games.

Al-Huda is a youth weightlifting champion

Al-Huda Club grabbed the title of the Kingdom’s Youth Weightlifting Championship, which concluded its competitions at King Abdulaziz University Sports Hall in Jeddah, with the participation of

Hamdi repeats Sawan’s achievement

The Saudi Karate Champion Tariq Hamdi recalled the achievement of the great Saudi runner Hadi Sawan, who won the silver in the Sydney 2000 Olympics after snatching the silver in the 400m hurdles,

Top table league from Al-Tarawih

Qatar Club was the only country to be at the top of the men's table tennis league for the 2021-2020 season with 26 points, close to qualifying for the title. Qatar Club is looking forward to the

Poland’s Robert Lewandowski has crowned the best player in the tournament

The best player in the world scored twice in the semi-finals against Al-Ahly Al-Masri. Second place came André Pierre Geniac, who played tigrays on al-Mexico and after his impressive level in the