Champions League prizes .. How much won Chelsea and how much did Manchester City content?

Chelsea, England, caught two birds with one stone, by beating Manchester City (1-0) in the 2021 UEFA Champions League final, which brought them together yesterday, Saturday, at the “Dragão” stadium in Porto, Portugal. Chelsea won the title of “Champions League” for the second time in its history, although the London team was not the most prominent candidate to win during the tournament and in the final match as well, in addition to winning the “Grand Prix” of 16 million pounds. On the other hand, Manchester City failed in its attempt to crown the title for the first time in its history, although he was one of the most prominent candidates to win the title during the stages of the championship, and the most prominent candidate after reaching the final, and he was satisfied with the second prize only, of 13 million pounds. The English newspaper “Mirror” revealed, in a report, that the money for the Champions League award is provided based on the progress of each team in the competition, and the number of matches won during the tournament. The clubs that reach the group stage get an amount of 13.14 million pounds for each team, and the winner in each match in the group stage earns 2.32 million pounds, while he gets 770 thousand pounds, in the event of a tie. Additional cash prizes are awarded to clubs reaching the knockout stages of the tournament, as the team that qualified for the Round of 16 wins £ 8.16m, £ 9m in the quarter-finals and £ 10.3m in the semi-finals. Then the Champions League winner gets 16 million pounds, compared to the runners-up who gets 13 million. And Chelsea team won about 70 million pounds sterling, after achieving the following results: Group stage: 4 wins, 2 draws The price for the final round: beat Atletico Madrid back and forth Quarter-finals: They beat Porto, back and forth Semi-finals: Tied in the first leg with Real Madrid and won the second leg Final: beat Manchester City with one goal. While Manchester City earned 60 million pounds, after achieving the following results: Group stage: 5 wins for 1 draw read more Ranking of the top scorers in the Champions League after the final Ranking of the top scorers in the UEFA Champions League after the 2021 “Dragao” final The final price round: beat Borussia Monchengladbach, back and forth Quarter-finals: beat Borussia Dortmund back and forth Semi-finals: beat Paris Saint-Germain back and forth Final: lost to Chelsea by one goal.

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