Chelsea beats Real Madrid and strikes a date with Manchester City in the Champions League final

Chelsea, England, qualified for the final match of the UEFA Champions League, after beating Real Madrid 2-0 in the second leg of the semi-final today, Wednesday, to strike a date with compatriot Manchester City in the final match of the tournament.

With this victory, Chelsea are ahead of the two matches in aggregate, 3-1, as they drew 1-1 at Real Madrid in the first-leg match in the Spanish capital.

And at Stamford Bridge, Timo Werner scored Chelsea’s lead in the 28th minute of an attack led by brilliant Ngolo Kante when he passed a through ball to Kay Havertz, who aimed confidently and quietly over Real Madrid goalkeeper Courtois, but she rebounded from the crossbar to Werner unmarked to bid her farewell goal.

Chelsea beat Real Madrid’s hopes by scoring the second goal of an attack by Kante, when he cut the ball and passed it to Christian Pulisic, who played it in a cross from Mason Montt in the 85th minute.

With this victory, Chelsea (qualified for the third time) hit a date in the final match of the Champions League with his compatriot Manchester City (qualified for the first time), in a pure English final for the third time in the history of the tournament and the second in the last 3 seasons.
The European Football Association (UEFA) confirmed at the end of last month that the Champions League final will be held – as planned – in Turkey, despite the high number of Coronavirus infections there.

UEFA said in a statement to the British “Press Association” last Thursday that “the final of the Champions League will be held in Istanbul on May 29th, with a limited number of spectators, and we are confident that the temporary closure in effect until the 17th of the same month will not.” It has no effect on the match. “

Real Madrid is the team that has won the Champions League the most, with a score of 13, compared to one title that Chelsea won in 2012 at the expense of Bayern Munich.

And Chelsea lost in the final of the European Championship 2008 against Manchester United, 5-6 on penalties.

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