Coach of the Algerian national team: The World Cup 2022 will be an unforgettable event and our goal is the Arab Cup

Majid Bougherra, coach of the Algerian national football team, confirmed that the State of Qatar will organize one of the best World Cup tournaments ever, whether in terms of organization with highly successful infrastructure or in terms of technology, stressing that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be an unforgettable event.
Bougherra said, in an interview published on the official website of the Algerian Football Association, that his country is seeking to crown the Arab Cup, which Qatar will host next December.
The draw for this tournament placed the Algerian national team in Group D, along with Egypt and the qualifiers from the matches Libya – Sudan and Lebanon – Djibouti.
The coach of the Algerian national team confirmed that the project of the local team is closely related to the project of the senior team, and that he has the same vision as the coach of the Algerian national team, Djamel Belmadi, adding, “We have the same ambition, we will be driven by the will to win the Arab Cup. We have to realize that it is about a high-level tournament.” And we must make every effort to prepare it properly and allow the players to shine there. “
He acknowledged the difficulty of the group in which the Algerian national team plays, explaining that the Egyptian team, which includes in its ranks many players who play in the local league, has no introduction and has many qualifications such as harmony as well as good experience.
He also indicated that the Algerian national team could find on its way Libya and Sudan, two teams that have the same characteristics as the Egyptian national team, of players playing in the first team, alluding to the possibility of meeting Lebanon or Djibouti, the national team that the Greens will face at the start of their 2022 World Cup qualifiers next June.
Bougherra revealed that the Algerian national team will participate in the Arab Cup with the best players who are active in the local league, while supporting them with the first team players who are active in the various Arab leagues that will stop on the sidelines of the tournament.
He explained that “the Arab Cup is a good opportunity to prepare for the African Nations Cup, which has been postponed to the beginning of the year 2022, and it will also allow the team’s players to be equipped for the first for the continental tournament, and also to enable the coach of the first team of many options in the event that some of his team’s players suffer injuries.”
He stressed that the Algerian national team will set up its first camp in mid-June, highlighting that the goal of this team is to form a generation of players that can support the first team, and to form the team that will represent Algeria in the African Nations Championship for local players that his country will host in 2023.
Bougherra talked about the Arab Cup, and said that it is a great opportunity for the participating teams that will compete for the future World Cup stadiums, as it will allow Qatar to put the infrastructure in real operation before the start of the big event / FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

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