Controversy in Egypt because of a match between women and men’s team

The match between the Egyptian football team before the Cairo Junior Group has led to many controversy through social media. Followers were divided between supporters and exhibitions for the idea.

Egypt’s Ladies are preparing for African Nations Cup qualifiers, and Egypt will also host the Arab Cup for Women’s Cup from August 24 to 6 September.

The game saw the attendance of Portuguese Nelo Fingada, a technical director of the Egyptian Football Federation, who praised the friendly experience, and spoke with women’s coach Mohamed Kamal praising his efforts in the past period.

Mohammed Kamal spoke about the secret of the meeting, stressing that he wanted to face a strong African ladies, but a lot of money would cost to play against a team more powerful than his team, confirming his investigation into many

Of the benefits of friendly match.

“We have daughters and the goal was only strong friction with the men before participating in the Arab championship, and the parents if they saw that this is not permissible, no objection occurred,” said Egypt’s coach.

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