Despite an offer from the Saudi League, formerly Wydad player Mohamed Onajem, Zamalek will not do without

The former United on behalf of the Saudi Al-Wahda team, Mr. Atef Al-Ahmadi, confirmed during a statement to one of the Egyptian channels that the former Moroccan Casablanca oval player and offensive player of the Egyptian Zamalek club is currently Mohamed Onajem that he had reached an offer from the Saudi league, but he preferred to stay and extend his position with Zamalek club, as his relationship is very Excellent with all the club’s officials and officials, as well as with his French coach, Patrice Cartier.
Mohamed Onajem explained that he is seeking to reach his full technical level and is entrusted to him as he wishes to resume the sporting activity again. Muhammad Onajem reaches 27 years of mastery of playing on the wing site, his sporting career started with the Moroccan Atlas Youth Club to be selected to the Wydad Casablanca Sports Club to join The Moroccan national team was represented once in a match that brought together the South Korean team in South Korea in a friendly match.
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