Details of the conditions for the resumption of the Moroccan National Football Championship

Officially, the Moroccan National Football League has set conditions for the resumption of the tournament as follows:

The process of conducting analyzes for all those involved in the game will also take place, and the process of resuming individual training will start on Thursday 24-6-2020 with two groups of five players at the same time inside the stadium for 10 days. The regular training of the national teams will be started from 3-7-2020 with the possibility of a friendly match.

The professional championship will be launched starting from 24-7-2020.

Postponed matches will also be held between 24-7-2020 and 8-8-2020 with respect to equal opportunities in programming between competing teams. The matches will be held at night at 6, 8 and 10pm. At the beginning of the 21st events, starting from 12-8-2020.

With the possibility of 5 changes for players in each match, and the use of technology (VAR) in all matches.

Note: End of the tournament 15 September 2020 and Summer Mercato from September 15 to October 15 2020.

Ibtissam Mejroum

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