Did Rudiger carry out his threat? .. “Biteners” in “Euro 2020”, Pogba victim

The German and French teams saw the Championship of Euro 2020, an incident that restored Louis Suarez for the Italian star Giorgio Kellini, in the 2014 World Cup. During the match ended by the French team with a 3-0 win, television images showed Paul Bogba, Manchester United, a bite of German defender Antonio Rodiger. Boga seemed strongly from the Rodiger bite, but unfortunately did not judge this shot and did not get the strong German defender on any warning. Rodger said before the two teams at a news conference, said the German team had to play in a dirty way, and the “Manshastat” players do not be nice on the pitch but “Shorin.” Sports reports indicate that the European Football Federation will issue a penalty on Rodiger, after studying images by its discipline committee. reactions Commenting on the incident, French football star Patrick Vieira said: “Whoever watches the reaction of Boga realizes that it was a bite.” “I and Rodiger friends, and what happened was not important, he saw everyone pictures, but it is over to me,” said Bogba at a news conference. “I do not care for paying the referee to give the opponent team yellow or red cards, through an allegation of a bit or any other errors.” He concluded by saying: “The judgment was told that I was bounded, but he has not taken any decision. I do not want Rodiger,” Jules is moved to sports news.

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