Distinguished numbers witnessed in the round of 16 Euro 2020

The round of 16 Euro 2020 was known to record a set of distinguished records, in a tournament that has so far witnessed several surprises, the most prominent of which was the exit of the defending champion Portugal after its defeat against Belgium with a clean goal, and its runner-up in the last edition, France, the world champion in 2018, after losing Against Switzerland on penalties (4-5), after the end of regular and extra time. The Netherlands team also came out after a 2-0 defeat against the Czech Republic, and England booked a ticket for the final price by defeating world champion Germany in 2014, with two goals to zero, and for its part, Spain, the European champion 3 times, the 2010 World Cup winner, Croatia team and the World Cup runner-up 2018, by defeating him with a big score (5-3). The quarter-finals will witness strong matches that will bring together Switzerland and Spain, Belgium and Italy, the Czech Republic and Denmark, Ukraine and England. In this space, we review with you 10 distinct numbers witnessed by the round of 16 Euro 2020: Italy set a new record in its history by playing 31 games in a row under Roberto Mancini without suffering any defeat, surpassing the 30-match unbeaten streak achieved by Vittorio Pozzo in 1939. Spain is the first team in the history of the Euro to score 5 goals in two matches in a row, after defeating Slovakia 5-0 in the last rounds of the group stage, and against Croatia (3-5) in the round of 16. Euro 2020 was known to score 9 goals against goal, the same number that was recorded in all editions of the previous competition combined. Pedri’s own goal in the match against Croatia against Spain came from 49 yards, the longest distance a player has scored against his own goal in the history of the Euro, as it was the first goal scored by a player against his goal from outside the penalty area Croatia vs Spain (3-5), the second most number of goals scored in Euro history (8 goals), after France vs Yugoslavia (5-4) in the 1960 Euro semi-final (9 goals). After defeating France in the round of 16 Euro 2020, Switzerland reached the quarter-finals of a major tournament for the first time in 67 years (World Cup 1954). France have been eliminated in all of their last three matches in the major tournaments, in which they played overtime. The exit against Switzerland on penalties was the third time France had exited a major tournament after going into extra time, since the 2006 World Cup final against Italy. France also lost the 2016 European Championship final at home to Portugal in extra time. England have kept their first 4 clean sheets in a major tournament for the first time since winning the World Cup in 1966. Ukraine reached the quarter-finals of the Euro for the first time in its history, after beating Sweden 2-1 in the round of 16. Denmark qualified for the quarter-finals of a major tournament (the World Cup or the Euro) for the first time since Euro 2004. This is their third qualification to the quarter-finals of the Euro in the last 33 years.

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