El-Sharshany finishes his preparations for the world champions in jet skis

The Qatari world champion Walid Al-Sharshani has completed his serious preparations and preparations to compete in the second round of the World Aquabike Championships, which will be held in the American city of Lake Havasu, which is entering its serious and decisive stages through the expected competitions. In it our hero Walid Al-Sharshani, specifically in the category of senior professionals. The ceremony of crowning the champions of this category will be the exciting conclusion of the World Cup in general, as this category in particular receives great global media attention; Because it includes 35 riders who are the best and most famous in all the watersports in the world. Al-Sharshani had continued his preparations during the last days in order to prepare well for this anticipated challenge and to continue the series of successes of the Qatar national team in this important round of the world championship. It is worth noting that the champion Khaled Al-Mohannadi had maintained the top spot in the championship standings for the junior seated category, after he finished fourth in the second round currently hosted in Lake Havasu, USA. Al-Mohannadi presented outstanding levels in the junior category amid strong struggles and fierce competition from the world champions, crowned by our young hero by gaining 126 new points, which he added to his previous balance, where he had 113 points in his balance, thus raising his score to 239 points currently, to confirm his uniqueness at the top of the general ranking, and that In the absence of his most prominent pursuers on the lead in this round, led by Belgian Clairehout Tom, who shared the lead with Al-Mohannadi with 113 points after the first round, but he did not participate in the second round, and therefore he was unable to add any new points to his tally. The support delegation in America includes Omar Al-Hamidi, the team manager, the contestant Walid Mahmoud Al-Sharshani in the senior professional category, and Khaled Al-Mohannadi in the beginner category, in addition to the technical staff of the team, which includes Mahmoud Al-Sharshani, Badr Al-Sharshani, Daoud Al-Sharshani and Muhammad Al-Sharshani.

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