English Premier League: Newcastle and Aston Villa draw late

The first half of the meeting saw a strong rivalry in the middle of the field where Villa missed the touches of its captain Greilish absent due to injury and reached the goal but without seriousness to end the half 0-0 between the two sides within the activities of the week 28 of the English Premier League, Aston Villa was satisfied with a draw against Newcastle United and a result 1-1 in the meeting that brought them together and came the 86th minute when Watkins scored Villa’s only goal from a wonderful pass from Targate annbury striker and a head-facing clash with the defender and entered the net 1 – 0 for villa. In the second half the two sides tried even timidly to reach the goal of the other team and was the most dangerous chance for Newcastle in the 83rd minute when the shot bounced from the corner to keep the result virgin and the net clean

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