Ferrari unveils a hybrid car at $ 321 thousand

Ferrari has made a new hybrid car operating, with a luxurious sports industry, famous for bustling combustion engines, organized its framework to keep up with the electric era. The car is 296 GTP is the third hybrid for Ferrari entering the production chain, which excludes the automotive with limited version. It comes after SS 90 Stradel in 2019 and Exposed SS 90 Spider last year. The head of marketing and commercial affairs in Ferrari Enriko Galliera said 296 GTB found a new slice. “If SS 90 has been designed to reach the top performance, this is designed to achieve the top of the pleasure of driving … We expect this will also help us in attracting customers who are not leading Ferrari.” The 2-seat car price is 269,000 euros ($ 321,000) and up to 302,000 euros against high-performance aceto Fiorano. Its maximum speed will be exceeded 330 kilometers per hour. The Italian company is universally known for its slogan horse and red race cars with the first electric model in 2025. “It’s a two-year process … we are dealing with the regulations and the task of reducing emissions,” Galliera said. Ferrari and its complex on how to transfer their lines to produce electric cars without losing high performance, which supports their high prices. Its 296 GT is equipped with a hexadecimal engine in the middle of the back, to be the first regular road vehicle with this engine. Ferrari usually works for 12 cylinders or more powerful motors, but also more contaminated. However, the six-cylinder engine, along with an electric motor of 122 kW, can produce enormous power of 830 horsepower.

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