FIFA« Deprives Hussein Al-Shahat and Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Di Ahli from participating

This is due to the participation of the third and fourth place match between Al Ahli and Palmeiras Of Brazil, which is scheduled for Thursday, due to the lack of compliance of the players precautionary measures after the match Ahli and Bayern Munich. The duo conducted an extraordinary medical survey on Tuesday, inside the team’s residence, and each player underwent a stone in his room and informed FIFA the mission of the Egyptian National Club officially, in implementation of precautionary and preventive measures following the request of the organizing committee of the championship of the mission

The team’s medical staff, led by Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, has developed a treatment program for Tunisian Ali Maaloul, in a good way to put it at the disposal of the technical staff in the upcoming Palmeiras match. For his part, Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, the team doctor, said that the chances of playing the match to determine the third and fourth places are on the list, and there is a treatment program began to play in its implementation, stressing that things will become more clear in the coming hours. Al Ahli doctor confirmed that the condition of the players is good and promising, and that work is continuing to equip him in a good way at the medical level of the match.

Al Ahli delegation received from the organizing committee of the World Cup a request to subject the duo electrifying and beggars a medical scan, after they went spontaneously yesterday to shake hands with the fans in the stands, after the end of the match Bayern Munich Germany in the semi-finals of the World Cup of The Club. The team’s entire mission is expected to undergo a medical survey on Wednesday inside its residence, in preparation for the match against Brazil’s Palmeiras scheduled for Thursday in the third and fourth place match in the World Cup of Club.

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