Fitness at 36.. Five secrets Ronaldo works

Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, caused a sensation, recently, on the sidelines of the European Nations Cup 2020, when he removed two bottles of “Coca-Cola” in front of him, because it is a drink that is harmful to health. This movement caused the company to lose billions of dollars of its value in the money market, while a discussion arose about the harmful effects of soft drinks. And if Ronaldo had taken this step, then urged people to drink water, because the “Don” follows a strict diet and health. Thanks to this committed health system, Ronaldo has been able to maintain his fitness, and he is playing matches at the age of thirty-six. According to the British newspaper, “Mirror”, the fitness of the Italian Juventus striker is behind five important secrets. The first secret is that Ronaldo follows a diet that is very high in protein, while staying away from everything that contains sugar. Don eats six meals a day, and says that this is necessary to provide his body with energy. In the morning, for example, Ronaldo eats a varied breakfast that includes cheese and low-fat Greek yogurt, in addition to an avocado and a piece of “toast”. And when Ronaldo is in the restaurant, he orders steak, even if he views chicken as a magical source of protein. One of Ronaldo’s secrets is that he takes a nap, five times a day, in order to relax his body, which constantly needs exercise. Ronaldo used a sleep consultant, and he is keen to turn off all devices, including the TV, an hour and a half before going to bed. Ronaldo is also keen to undergo what is known as treatment by cooling, or liquid nitrogen, and set up a room for this purpose in his home, at a cost of 50 thousand pounds. Ronaldo is not satisfied with this, but has provided his home with the latest sports equipment, so that he trains constantly, and advises everyone to exercise in any available place, if he cannot go to the club. Since Ronaldo’s father died early, at the age of fifty-two, as a result of alcohol consumption, Ronaldo distanced himself from alcoholic beverages, and was careful not to repeat his father’s fatal mistake.

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