France tut in the grip of the Emirates Team

The cyclone of the UAE, Slovenian Taday Bogacharb is crowned with France’s tight title for the second year Talia, after the end of the end is on Sunday on the Shanzzlese serious in Paris leader.

After 21 days and 3,400 kilometers, Bogatcher exceeded the finish line in the first place in the final overnight, at a time when he was winning the last 21pm of Belgian share Fotan Iart.

Slovenian maintained the title last year in the last meters after he was taken away in the last 20th phase, but the coronation of 108 was more decisive for the young rugs.

Bogatcher succeeded in lifting the UAE, in the leadership of the pneumatic race, for the second consecutive time, superior to the world’s riders.

Bogatcher, the UAE team, surprised by the bicycle world last year, controlled the world’s mawaf, and he did not exceed 21 years.

The 22-year-old rider became smaller than the title twice two consecutive.

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